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Manual Digital Bronzing Machine 90DS

Manual Digital Bronzing Machine 90DS

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Heating Plate Size
Digital Embossing Machine Hot Foil Stamping Machine Manual Tipper Stamper For PVC Leather Pu And Paper Stamping With Paper Holder And Scale.

Our manual hot foil stamping machines take up very little space and yet are the most versatile on the market!  Our embossing machines for leather can emboss (with foil) and deboss (without foil) .

Our foil press machines are easy to use and can  handle a wide range of products. The print area is generous compared to anything else on the market.  We have supplied foil print machines have been sold around the world, including to some major bluechip companies.

Don't forget, apart from  supplying hot foil presses, we also supply letters and dies for hot foil stamping, along with many other optional add-on's.

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