How to turn ice cubes into works of art and make them shine in cocktails?

To turn ice cubes into works of art and add a unique twist to your cocktails; here are a few ways to start:

1.Make crystal clear ice cubes: When it comes to making ice cubes, we immediately think of using filtered pure water or boiled water to make ice cubes. This idea is correct, but the ice cubes produced will contain a lot of air bubbles,IKKA craft ice machine adopts advanced freezing technology to squeeze out air and impurities to make ice cubes more transparent. Having clear ice cubes can better show the patterns and details in it, making it a part of the artwork.

2. Give ice cubes unique textures: In the past, we used carving tools or knives to carve simple shapes, patterns or even complex three-dimensional structures on ice cubes; carved ice cubes can make cocktails more attractive , to increase visual enjoyment. But now there is an easier way to make ice cubes with unique visual effects and personality no longer difficult; Ice Designer Plate utilizes the thermal conductivity of brass to melt ice cubes quickly, while quietly improving the texture of ice cubes and improving Efficiency also allows ice cubes to have stunning effects and a unique visual experience.

3. Use proper mixing technique: The mixing technique will also have an impact on the texture of the cocktail. For example, proper stirring, shaking or stirring can make a cocktail smoother and more balanced. In addition, proper cooling and dilution can also improve the texture of the cocktail.

4. Innovation and Personalization: Try innovative and personalized cocktail recipes and ideas. Combine different ingredients, seasonings or production techniques to create a unique taste and texture experience. Cocktails that bring freshness and uniqueness to the palate can often leave a deep impression on people.

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